Agilent Launches Highest Performance Microwave PNA Network Analyzer

Agilent Launches Highest Performance Microwave PNA Network Analyzer

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced five new PNA microwave vector network analyzer models with frequencies up to 67 GHz. Based on the Agilent PNA-X architecture, the new PNA Series is the highest performance microwave network analyzer in the world, setting a new standard for cost-effectiveness in the industry.

Agilent PNA is used to test a variety of passive and active devices such as filters, diplexers, amplifiers, and frequency converters. PNA has high performance characteristics and is an ideal solution for component characterization and millimeter wave, signal integration, and material measurement.

PNA offers:

• The following five frequency models have a 2-port internal single-source or 4-port internal dual-source configuration: 13.5, 26.5, 43.5, 50, and 67 GHz.

• The highest signal source output power: 11dBm (N5227A67GHz model) at 67GHz.

• 0.1dB receiver compression point greater than 10dBm (all models).

The PNA Series offers a high power source and an optimal linear receiver that enables the most accurate S-parameter measurements and the widest power range on the market. This outstanding performance helps engineers improve yields with smaller index protection. It also provides the best data correlation between design verification and production testing, making the new PNA Series the most reliable tool for microwave network analysis.

Gregg Peters, Vice President of Agilent's Component Test Division, said: "Agilent is committed to providing the industry's highest performance network analyzer to help our customers develop the highest quality components. PNA's performance level can support our goal - we decided to establish a new one Milestones and further strengthen our leadership in the field of network analysis."

The PNA Series now offers a number of advanced measurement options for the PNA-X Series, including noise figure measurement, gain compression, dual audio IMD/spectrum analysis, true mode excitation, source phase control, and fast CW mode. These advanced applications improve accuracy and efficiency in the design and production of passive and active devices for high-performance microwave component characterization and testing.

The PNA Series share a common software platform that can easily customize the appropriate level of performance to meet specific budget and measurement needs. You can also add software options later to accommodate future testing needs. PNA is compatible with Agilent's physical layer test systems, material measurement software, and multi-port testers.

Additional Information The PNA Series includes the PNA-L, PNA, and PNA-X series, covering the frequency range from 300kHz to 1.05 THz. PNA-L is designed for general network analysis; PNA is the world's highest performance vector network analyzer; PNA-X can achieve complete linear and nonlinear component characterization through a single connection. The PNA Series offers advanced connectivity through LAN, USB, and GPIB, an easy-to-use, open architecture based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, and a wide range of embedded help systems. PNA series CPUs and operating systems can be upgraded to technological evolution. The new PNAN522XA is an alternative to the existing PNAE836XC.

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