Faced with the industry situation "winter" How crane companies use e-commerce to break through

Faced with the industry situation "winter" How crane companies use e-commerce to break through

Railway construction has undergone major adjustments. A large number of high-speed rail projects have been shut down due to lack of money; coal prices have been high, thermal power companies have lost their own initiative to “stop production”; deep in loss-making quagmire thermal power industry or lost hundreds of billions of yuan, and several power plants are on the verge of bankruptcy; steel demand has shrunk, The entire steel upstream and downstream industries have been sluggish, and some steel mills have already planned to stop and overhaul. All signs, for crane industry companies, this winter is destined to be a “winter”.

It is understood that under such circumstances, some crane production enterprises have no choice but to stop production and enter the "hibernation" state early. Faced with such a reality, how can crane industry enterprises improve their sales performance under severe "crisis" and reduce production costs, and successfully pass this "winter"? There is only one most effective way to face the company. It is to change the traditional sales model and use e-commerce to stand out!

As early as 2001, there were a large number of "net merchants" in Chinese companies. At that time, Chinese Internet companies had been called "resting lions" by foreign reporters. Nowadays, after more than ten years of development, the Chinese lions who have been “resting” have now become lions who are “forgetting”. Chinese internet entrepreneurs and Chinese entrepreneurs have already entered the big market of online marketing.

Recall that in 2008, although the international financial crisis was still spreading and spreading, e-commerce has not only become a force for us to face the crisis and get out of difficulties, but it has also helped many enterprises achieve rapid development. In the financial crisis, it fully demonstrated the power and role of China's e-commerce. Where are these powers and effects more prominent?

First of all, e-commerce has improved the company's international docking capabilities; it has increased the ability of companies to open up markets in networks; improved the ability of enterprises to respond to trade barriers; improved the ability of enterprise agile manufacturing; and improved the company's dynamic marketing and management capabilities.

Second, the ability to open up the international market has been enhanced and it has been demonstrated in six areas. First, open up the retail market for domestic products; secondly, open up the United Nations procurement market; thirdly, open up the international and domestic e-commerce market; fourth, open up the international processing market; Fifth, open up the multinational and domestic source material procurement market; 6. Open up the online electronic trading market. E-commerce not only buys and sells, it is not only a single Taobao-style operation, there are many online markets, and various markets cover them.

In addition to the above, e-commerce is not only buying and selling, e-commerce includes eight operational capabilities, including market research capabilities and investigation capabilities. Enterprises can explore ways to get rid of price barriers in the financial crisis. The first way is to carry out price comparison. The second is to allocate resources. The third way is to build data brands.

Internet e-commerce is an open platform, an efficient tool, crane industry companies can effectively use e-commerce "increased income, savings, efficiency, risk aversion" -

Increase income: increase income, achieve maximum efficiency savings: reduce costs, effectively control expenditures and improve efficiency: improve management efficiency, virtually eliminate costs and avoid risks: rational use of Internet tools to avoid risks, but it is worth noting here that choosing e-commerce The platform must be unique. Currently, there are many websites and platforms related to the crane industry on the market. This requires companies to choose one of the most effective, professional, and long-term benefits platforms among the many website platforms, and obtain the highest value with the lowest investment.

As the first online media in the lifting industry, China Lifting Machinery Network is currently the largest portal site for lifting machinery industry in China. The “Top 100 Industry E-Commerce Website in China 2008” is the only one selected for the lifting machinery industry. At present, this website has been ranking first in Baidu and Google's "Heavy Machinery" keyword. It enjoys a high reputation and reputation in the industry. Comprehensive services, multi-angle promotion, unparalleled advantages of other industry websites will create greater value and business opportunities for you.

All the employees of China Crane Machinery Network are willing to face the industry's “low tide” with many companies in the crane industry and resist “winter”!

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