What is the price of a small weather station?

What is the price of a small weather station?

What is the price of a small weather station? This is the most frequently asked question in the process of contacting many users with us. In fact, in the face of such problems of users, we often find it difficult to directly answer. It is often necessary to consult the user's application site and monitoring needs. Because the application of small weather stations is very extensive, it is an important application in meteorology, agriculture, geology, environmental and other meteorological research. However, in different application scenarios, the configuration of small weather stations is different, so there will be differences in prices. Below the Agricultural Instrument Network Xiaobian to briefly explain the price of small weather stations?

Small Weather Station

The price of a small weather station is not necessarily. In general, the meteorological environment monitored by a small meteorological station mainly includes meteorological parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, wind speed, direction, and rainfall. Measured by these meteorological factors, these meteorological factors are measured by using different sensors. The monitoring temperature includes a temperature sensor. There are humidity sensors to monitor humidity, light sensors to monitor light intensity, rain sensors to monitor rainfall, wind sensors, wind speed sensors, CO2 sensors, soil moisture sensors, and soil salinity sensors. The more data the user needs to monitor, The more sensors that are used, the more the price will increase. Therefore, the price of a small weather station is determined by the user's needs, but not absolute.

Of course, if you only need to monitor several basic environmental data, the price of the small weather station can be specified. For example, the specific price of the Topo Yunnong NL-5 small weather station is 25,000 yuan, and the air temperature can be collected in real time. Agricultural meteorological parameters such as humidity, light intensity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. NL-5 adds GPS positioning function on the basis of NL-5, the price is 27000 yuan. In recent years, with the rapid development of agriculture, the application of small meteorological stations in agriculture has become increasingly demanding. The small-scale meteorological station R&D and production by Top Cloud Institute of Agriculture is highly praised for its excellent technology and stable system. It is highly praised by the Agricultural Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Soil and Fertilizer Stations, and colleges and universities. It has important applications in standard fertile fields and water-saving irrigation projects. .

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