Application of Seed Clarity Workbench to Determine and Analyze the Seeds of Rhizoma Alganicum

Application of Seed Clarity Workbench to Determine and Analyze the Seeds of Rhizoma Alganicum

Azerbaijan is also known as Mizusawa, water diarrhea, and cow's ear. It is mainly used as medicinal materials. It is mainly produced in Dujiangyan City, Pengshan County, Wutongqiao District and Ya'an City. The cultivation history of this medicinal material is very long. The seed is propagated, so the quality of the medicinal material is closely related to the quality of seeds. In order to improve the quality of the seeds of Rhizoma zedoa and improve the quality of the cultivation of Rhizoma chuanxiong, the seeds of the Rhizoma zedoaria var. Quality testing is a very important item.

Seed clarity workstation

The Seed Clarity Workbench is a special instrument for performing seed-clarity analysis. Using it can more easily and clearly carry out the seed-clarity test, and the process of measuring and analyzing the seed of C. argussis using the seed-clarity-table is as follows: Twenty grams of seeds were removed from the test seeds and repeated four times. After removing impurities and spent seeds on the seed cleanness table, the percentage of the remaining clean seeds was calculated as the percentage of the total mass of the sample.
In general, the clarity of the seeds of the Chuanxiong diarrhea produced in different regions is not the same. For example, through the results of the seed cleanness table, we can see that in the seeds of the Chuanxiong diarrhea provided in each region, the Ya'an region The highest seed purity was 93.2%, and the lowest was Wutongqiao, which was 74.2%. The seed purities of Dujiangyan and Pengshan were 76.02% and 87.22%, respectively. Although there was a difference in the seed's clarity among the regions, the seed clarity grade table was used for the determination and analysis. Therefore, it was possible to accurately measure diarrhea in Sichuan. The clarity of seeds can provide a more realistic assessment of seed quality. Through screening, the seed quality of A. chuanxiong is provided for artificial cultivation of A. chuanxiong, ensuring the smooth development of A. chuanxiong, and the yield of medicinal materials. The quality has been greatly improved, which is of great significance for the development of the traditional Chinese medicine planting industry.

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