Under the Internet subversion, the absolute status of the 4S shops will not be weakened

Under the Internet subversion, the absolute status of the 4S shops will not be weakened

The core message: The sinking of mainstream 4S store channels, the development of luxury brand 4S stores, the story of Internet subversion, and the rise of independent brands will bring about significant changes in the pattern of 4S stores.

Image Since the establishment of the 4S store as the main channel model for auto manufacturers, the position of the rivers and lakes has never wavered. However, there are still slight adjustments. We summarize the development themes of the 4S stores in these years. It is worthwhile to record. There are three things.

First, the mainstream brand 4S shop channel sinks.

In the main period of the development of 4S stores, the mainstream market has always been joint venture brands, and 4S stores are mainly channel providers for these brands. When major cities have completed the 4S store layout and competition in these cities has become increasingly intense, these brands have begun to develop in fourth- and fifth-tier cities and even built 4S stores in relatively affluent towns.

It is worth noting that the sinking of this 4S shop channel is not a simple expansion of quantity. The more important significance lies in the trend of building civilians in 4S stores. 4S shop, in the people's impression, has always been a million-dollar project. However, such capital investment, in the face of a county-level market, is obviously inconsistent with economic laws. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of sinking channels, various manufacturers have adjusted their standards for building stores and raised the financing support of supporting financial companies.

As a result of this, the investment scale of the 4S store has dropped from 10 million to one million. 4S shop is no longer a traditional aristocratic business.

Less initial investment has rejuvenated 4S stores. 4S stores have a normal return on investment, manufacturers to maintain a stable channel to reduce the pressure on subsidies, and to achieve the penetration of the market segment, it should be said that this is a win-win outcome.

Second, the development of luxury brand 4S stores.

Along with the strong growth of luxury brands is the large-scale expansion of luxury brand 4S stores. Ten years ago, the luxury car 4S shop was only in the first-tier cities and second-tier cities, and the number was often one or two. Its market influence is far from the mid-range joint venture brand. However, with the outbreak of luxury car sales, the number of 4S stores also showed a blowout trend. Today, such as ABB luxury car brand, its channels have been explored to the fourth-tier cities. The number of 4S stores within the channel is by no means lost to any single mid-range brand.

Unlike other mid-range 4S stores, which have adopted different investment requirements for the sake of channel exploration, the luxury car brands still adopted high-strength requirements for 4S store construction requirements. After all, maintaining the image of luxury brands is still the primary consideration of these brands.

Third, the story of Internet subversion.

Inevitably, the Internet came. Young faces, large sums of hot money, internet thinking, shouting and killing are all about subverting 4S shops. As a result, the wind blew for a moment. The opinion leaders sang and fell, and the media clamored for the so-called shady words in the 4S store. 4S shop investors panicked, 4S shop practitioners also panicked.

However, like a gust of wind, it is faster and faster. Even in the toughest public opinion in 2014, the number of 4S stores still maintained an increase. By 2016, the overall profitability of 4S stores has been greatly improved. The Internet companies that are supposed to subvert the Internet have mostly died down. The rest are no longer talking about "subversion," but rather the so-called "respecting the inherent laws of the industry."

Why can the 4S store stand up? Through the above three major events, we can easily find a key element that is hidden behind the 4S shop manufacturers. For manufacturers, the impact of channel decisions is nothing less than two factors: the best expression of their own interests; whether it can sustain. In reflecting the interests of manufacturers, whether it is a brand image, market segmentation, or to obey the manufacturers will, 4S shop is undoubtedly the best choice.

Therefore, as long as the conditions permit, it is not surprising that manufacturers use 4S stores as their channel of choice. The key to the problem lies in "conditional permission." In order to maintain the survival of 4S stores, manufacturers need to deliver enough benefits to maintain the stability of the overall network. Therefore, the financial resources of the manufacturers will determine the direction of future 4S stores.

In the foreseeable future, the status of 4S stores as an absolute main body will not only be weakened, but with the popularity of 4S stores to lower markets, this status will be strengthened.

However, according to the above analysis, we can be sure that in the next two or three years, we will usher in the fourth event that deserves to be recorded: the rise of independent brands has brought about a major change in the pattern of 4S stores.

Assume that there are 100 or so 4S stores in a city, and the 4S stores are formed mainly of joint venture brand 4S stores. Due to the limited market size, the number of 4S stores will not be greatly improved. With the rise of independent brands, some 4S stores with relatively poor hardware and small-scale brands have started to appear. The strength of their investors is poor, and the quality of their employees is not enough. It is simply the edge of the industry.

However, with the development of the situation, the return on investment of these stores is staggering, and the market share has also increased significantly. The original joint venture brand 4S store on tall has been sluggish, and it has been difficult to sustain itself. Manufacturers are also unable to support this area at this time. Gradually, the composition of these 100 4S stores will undergo major adjustments, and the number of 4S stores with self-owned brands will increase significantly, while many poorly-operated 4S stores will quietly retreat.

In the coming years, the development of the plot must be like this. Compared with the first three events, this story is so-called subversive. Because the real players are replaced.

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