What is the content of overhaul, medium repair and minor repair of cone crusher?

What is the content of overhaul, medium repair and minor repair of cone crusher?

The inspection cycle should be determined according to the actual conditions of the equipment.

The minor repair cycle is conducted every half month to one month and includes:

(1) Check the bowl tile;

(2) Check the wear of the taper sleeve and the straight sleeve and check the gap.

(3) Check the meshing clearance of the bevel gear;

(4) Check the transmission bushing clearance;

(5) Check the hydraulic device ( if the hydraulic device is not equipped ) and the lubricating device or replace the lubricating oil;

(6) Cleaning of main parts.

The medium repair period is about 4 to 6 months, and its main contents include:

(1) Replace the liner;

(2) repair or replace the eccentric bushing, taper sleeve and straight sleeve;

(3) repair or replace the bowl tile and dustproof device;

(4) Repair or replace the bevel gear, drive shaft and bearing bush;

(5) repairing the adjustment ring and the support sleeve thread;

(6) Carry out all inspections and treatments of minor repair projects;

(7) Decompose the motor, blow dust and descaling and check the bearing bushing of each part; decompose the oil switch, clean and deal with the defects; electrical adjustment and test of each part; check and repair the switchboard and other cable lines.

The overhaul is about four years or based on actual conditions. Its contents include:

(1) repair or replace the rack and the basic part of the problem;

(2) Carry out all inspections and treatments of the intermediate repair project, as well as carry out technical transformation;

(3) Replace the stator coil of the motor (determined according to the preventive test) and dip the paint; determine whether to replace the rotor shaft according to the actual situation.

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