Yangpu Heavy Machinery won 10 energy-efficient 6UEC33LSII two-stroke low-speed diesel engines

Yangpu Heavy Machinery won 10 energy-efficient 6UEC33LSII two-stroke low-speed diesel engines

Recently, Guangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. and Yangpu Heavy Machinery signed a contract with China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Changxing Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for 10 energy-efficient 6UEC33LSII two-stroke low-speed diesel engines, amounting to more than 65 million yuan. This is the largest order for Yangpu Heavy Machinery in the past 6 years.
Yangpu Heavy Machinery won 10 energy-efficient 6UEC33LSII two-stroke low-speed diesel engines
As an emerging diesel engine manufacturer, Yangpu Heavy Machinery is advancing against the low-end period of the industry with energy-saving diesel engines.

“Since the financial crisis in 2008, the shipbuilding industry has experienced a trough of nearly a decade. Today, the darkness before dawn is coming to an end.” Chen Weiwen, chairman of Yangpu Heavy Machinery, told the author that in the ship transportation industry, most of the ships currently operating globally are still It is a high energy-consuming ship.

As countries pay more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection work, in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be 27,000 ships in the world that need to be upgraded, and the shipbuilding industry will usher in a major positive.

The 10 two-stroke low-speed diesel engines signed this time were jointly developed by Yangpu Heavy Machinery and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan. Compared with the traditional diesel engine, the diesel engine has better energy saving effect and can save about 20% of diesel oil.

In addition, the diesel engine is also 20% cheaper to manufacture than conventional diesel engines.

“The high-efficiency and energy-saving diesel engine developed by Yangpu Heavy Machinery caters to the new market demand.” Chen Weiwen said that in recent years, through cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, Yangpu Heavy Machinery has boldly innovated and successfully developed more powerful performance and more energy-saving effects. A good new generation of diesel products is the leader in competition with other high-performance diesel production giants. According to reports, the orders of Yangpu Heavy Machinery in the past two months have been close to 100 million yuan.

Glass Fiber Membrane

Glass fiber membranes adopt 100% borosilicate glass fiber, including two types, with binder shows chemical inertness and without binder. Add the adhesive is to enhance the mechanical strength of the glass fiber, mainly used for filtering coarse particles such as macromolecular substance and air dust. In order to avoid reacting chemically with the filtered medium, use the glass fiber without binder to filter organic substances and use the glass fiber with binder to filter inorganic substances. The depth membrane with fast speed, large load and retain particles is very small, can get the scope of the submicron particles, etc. The glass fiber membrane can stand  500 ℃ , can be used to analyze the  burn proportion and high temperature gas filtration.

 Glass fiber membrane has capillary fiber structure, can absorb more water than the equivalent of cellulose Filter Membrane, has the characteristics of the moisture absorption and biological inert, except hydrofluoric acid and high concentration of acid and alkali; The glass fiber membrane also has good chemical corrosion resistance for most of the solvents and reagents. It can be suitable for sample analysis and liquid flash count method. The glass fiber membrane also can be made completely transparent for subsequent microscopic examination.  

Features and Benefits

1.   Remain the fine particles, fast flow rate, and high load

2.   Wet strength, higher load

3.   The filtering speed is faster than general cellulose under the same condition of the particle retention. The membrane is thicker with strong load.


1.   Applied for high efficiency filter, including waste water detection, Water Filtration, algae.bacteria cultivation and food analysis, protein filtration and weak determination of free beta launcher, recommended for weight determination of particulate matter in the air pollution monitoring, stack sampling and adsorption, etc.

2.    Applied to keep tiny particles with fast flow rate. Especially suitable for the liquid clarification or the sample processing of fine particles in particle high quantitative suspension. Pre-filtration of the fine particulate matter, to make the LSC and protein binding.

3.   Used in the standard filter paper to collect the suspended matter of drinking water, natural water and industrial waste water. Quickly and effectively to clarify aqueous solution containing small to medium small grain. Widely used for collecting liquid flash count and determined the combination with higher load.

4.   Common membrane filtration materials, can be used with GF/PP to provide a very useful classification for the membrane.

5.   Used for DNA binding, adsorption and purification of protein binding, the filter effect of filtering tiny protein precipitation is obvious, GF/F AND GF/D can be used as a pre-filter membrane to clarify the biochemical solution, fluid and nucleic acids.

6.   Used in the automatic Air Filtration devices in roll membranes.

Technical parameter of the composite glass fiber filter paper

Glass Fiber Filter Membrane

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