Low Price Good Quality Bacteria Tubular Centrifuge Separator

Low Price Good Quality Bacteria Tubular Centrifuge Separator

Model NO.: GQ
Pressure: Low Pressure
Condition: New
Bearing: SKF
Trademark: REYES
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: material: stainless steel
Origin: China
HS Code: 8421192000

Our High speed tubular centrifuge specially used for bacteria harvest.

Tubular Centrifuges are designed to separate low percentages (<2%) of suspended solids which are between 1 and 0.001 microns in size, and to separate two immiscible liquids of differing densities. Tubular Centrifuges operate at high speed, generating up to 20,000 gravities of centrifugal force, causing solids to collect inside the smooth bore of the stainless steel tube where they are easily recovered. Tubular Centrifuges are an excellent replacement for many traditional filter and membrane applications due to their high efficiency (virtually no product loss) and small footprint. Additionally, unlike traditional filters, they never require pre-coating or back-flushing and can never clog.

Typical Applications
agglomerated proteins,aluminum silicate,animal cell fraction,antibiotics,bacteria,beta naphtholate ,bio-fuel processing,
biomass harvesting,bioremediation,blood fractionation,brewer's yeasts ,brine sludge ,calcium carbonate ,calcium sulphate 
chromium hydroxide ,cocoa butter clarification,cryoglobulin,cutting oil,dicalcium phosphate,dye stuffs ,escherichia coli
electroplating solutions ,enzyme harvesting ,ethanol stillage,fat clarification,fermentation,fish oils ,flavorings,food rocessing effluents ,fruit juice clarification,fungus,gamma globulin,graphite,guanidine nitrate,gum arabic,herbal extracts,hydraulic oil
ink,insulin tissue ,iron oxide ,lactose ,nano particles,paper mill effluent ,pathogens,pharmaceuticals ,pigments,polymers 
precious metals,protein precipitate,prothrombin,refinery effluent ,salicylic acid,sodium nitrite ,sodium sulphate,spirillum
spore collection,tallow ,titanium dioxide ,varnish clarification,vegetable oil refining ,virus recovery,wine clarification 

Solid-Liquid Separation

OPERATION: Up to 20,000 gravities of centrifugal force cause suspended solids to migrate to the centrifuge tube wall where they are retained. As the fluid travels up through the tube, smaller solids eventually migrate to the wall and the clarified fluid is discharged through the top center of the tube.

FLOW: Fluid flow in and out of the centrifuge is continuous while the solids are collected on the tube wall in a batchwise manner. Flow rates may be as high as 700 gallons per hour depending on particle size, density and required separation efficiency.

SEPARATION EFFICIENCY: Solids capture of up to 99.9% is possible depending on product characteristics and flow rate.
Technical Parameter:

GQ105 GQ125 GQ150

ID(mm) 75 105 125 142
  Height (mm) 450 730 730 730
  Sedimentation volume(L) 2.67 6 8 10
  Max speed(r/min) 21000 17000 16000 14500
  Max separation factor 19000 17500 16800 15800
  Inlet nozzle diameter (mm) 3/4/6 4/6/8 6/8/10 8/10/12
  Material inlet pressure (Mpa) ≥0.05
  Capacity (water capacity)L/H 260 1600 2200 3200
  Actually Capacity L/H(according to the solid content) 50-80 300-500 500-700 800-1000
Motor model 3 phase two pole motor
Motor power (kw) 1.5 2.2 3 3
Machine dimension (mm) 500*700*1300 600*1000*1600 600*1000*1600 600*1000*1600
Machine weight (kg) 300 460 490 510

More details of the tubular centrifuge
Low Price Good Quality Bacteria Tubular Centrifuge Separator
Low Price Good Quality Bacteria Tubular Centrifuge Separator
Our Service
One-year warranty period for whole machine except of tubes and human factors etc, and 18-month of after-sale service from the date when you receive machine or 12 months when installation finished; 
Consultant services for whole machine life, and 24 hours technical support by email;
UPS, English software, user manual and the installation & debugging by our experienced technicians.

Q1: Where can I get product & price information?
A1: Send us inquiry or email directly, then we will contact you ASAP.
Q2: How can I make sure your machinery is suitable for me? 
A2: Please tell all the separation information you know, such as your raw liquid,
two-phase or three-phase separation, solid content in liquid, solid size, the purpose, etc. After analyzing your information, we will to choose a suitable model for you, and send the details and videos to you.
Q3: What should I do if I want to see the separation effect?
A3: If you can come to our factory with the raw liquid, we will provide test service. Or you deliver the raw liquid to us, and we will do a test, and supply you the testing videos.
Q4: How to enjoy the OEM services?
A4: As the manufacturer of the machine, we will try our best to satisfy you if you have any specific requirement, such as the cover device, drum size, motor voltage, etc.

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