Coal Chemical Industry Creates a "4+1" Industrial Structure

Coal Chemical Industry Creates a "4+1" Industrial Structure

At the 2015 petrochemical industry development conference held at the modern coal chemical development forum held on April 10, the industry has paid great attention to this. Hu Qianlin, deputy secretary-general of the China Petrochemical Federation and secretary-general of the coal chemical industry committee, proposed that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the industrial orientation of modern coal chemical industry should be an important direction for the clean and efficient transformation of coal, and the overall development stage should be upgraded. Demonstration + moderate development can create a "4+1" industry structure.

He said that according to the evaluation of the Ministry of Land and Resources, as of the end of 2012, the total amount of shallow coal resources in China was 5.9 trillion tons; the identified reserves were 1.4 trillion tons, accounting for 94% of the total primary energy. Coal is China's basic energy and chemical raw materials, and this status will not change in a short period of time. However, at present, most of China's coal is used for combustion, and it must be converted to fuel and raw materials in the future. Modern coal chemical industry is an important direction for clean and efficient coal conversion. However, there are still some technical bottlenecks in modern coal chemical industry. The overall development stage of the “13th Five-Year Plan” is upgrading demonstration + moderate development. It is necessary to adhere to water quality, clean and efficient conversion, demonstration first, scientific and rational layout and independent innovation, and it is not suitable for large-scale development. development of. Among them, the upgrading of coal-to-oil, coal-based natural gas to complete the demonstration, methanol to olefins, coal to ethylene glycol can be moderate development.

Hu Qianlin stressed that the development of modern coal chemical industry can not bloom everywhere. Considering the factors such as coal resources, water resources, distribution of existing projects and environmental constraints in China, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, modern coal chemical industry can create a “4+1” industry structure. “4” refers to the development of four bases, namely, the energy golden triangle coal in-depth conversion bases, which mainly include the three regions of Mengxi, northern Shaanxi, and Ningdong. The coal-to-oil, coal-to-olefin, and coal-to-aromatic hydrocarbons are the leading players, and rational downstream planning is adopted. Deep processing of product solutions, construction of competitive coal-based chemical raw materials and synthetic materials projects; Xinjiang coal-based fuel external transport bases, including Yili, Zhundong and other regions, rational distribution of coal-based natural gas, coal-to-oil projects, simultaneous construction of external transmission The oil and gas pipelines have become important supplemental bases for the West-to-East gas pipeline; the Mengdong brown coal high-efficiency utilization base has focused on large-scale low-grade coal quality demonstration; the Yunji coal-based fuel replacement base and key coal-to-oil projects have been established. Regional needs, reasonable control of scale. "1" refers to other coal chemical bases.

Hu Qianlin said that low oil prices may become the new normal, in order to enhance industrial competitiveness, the modern coal chemical industry should further optimize the process and enhance the stability of demonstration projects; vigorously implement energy conservation and consumption reduction to achieve maximum resource utilization and economic efficiency; Adjust product structure, extend the industrial chain, and develop high-end, high-value-added products.

Hu Qianlin’s views have been recognized by many participants. Some industry insiders suggested that the country introduce a coal chemical industry policy as soon as possible to guide and regulate the orderly development of the industry; increase support for the development of key technologies and major equipment; speed up the construction of modern coal chemical technology and standards; and give coal chemical projects Moderate fiscal subsidies, preferential policies.

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