Applicants increase 60% in May in Guangzhou Yaohao August

Applicants increase 60% in May in Guangzhou Yaohao August

Guangzhou's medium and small passenger vehicle index regulation system announced yesterday the total number of license plate applications in September. There will be 94,285 people competing for 14,595 license plates this month. The overall winning rate is 6.71, which is lower than the 5.81 total winning rate of the first Yaohao and auction in August. The reason for this result is that the total number of license plate applications in September was nearly 60% more than in August but the number of license plates was only 40% more.

Citizens can check whether they have passed the qualification examination

The data released yesterday showed that from August 9 to September 8, a total of 5,969 applicants (units) submitted applications for incremental indicators, and the applicants (units) passed the public security, industry and commerce, taxation, quality supervision, and human agency. 8 departments and so on jointly audited, and finally 44,729 applications passed the qualification review. In addition, a total of 49,557 valid applications (ie, the number of unsuccessful applicants last month) carried forward in August accumulated a total of 94,285 applicants (units) to pass the qualification examination, and the pass rate for qualification certification in two months exceeded 93%. Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Starting from yesterday, citizens participating in the shakeout and auction in September can check whether they passed the qualification check at the designated website of the Small and Medium Passenger Vehicle Index Control Service Center ( Within five working days from September 24th to 28th, you can apply for a qualification review through the Internet or telephone booking window, and if the review is passed, you can still participate in the next month's Yaohao and auction. Depending on your application, you can participate in the auction on September 25 and the shake on September 26.

September auction price is still 10,000 yuan

The Guangzhou City Index Office reminded that there are many common mistakes in applications that fail to pass the eligibility review. Individuals need to pay special attention when inquiring and applying for qualification review. For individuals, the cumulative payment of basic medical insurance is less than three years, the name, ID card or driver's license information is incorrectly filled in. The applicant did not hold a driver’s license, did not correctly select the identity type, and the non-resident registration did not correctly declare a valid residence registration as required. Etc. are the most common mistakes. For the entity, it is also common for companies to fill in tax returns that are greater than the actual amount of taxes paid by the taxation department, tax registration number, tax registration code as the tax registration number, or to confuse the national and local tax registration numbers. mistake.

According to the plan, this month's license plate auction will be held tomorrow. Citizens who have signed up to participate in the auction and have successfully paid the bid security can participate. The City Index Office also reminded the public that they should carefully read the Guidelines for Bidding for Incremental Small and Medium Buses in Guangzhou published by the website and other explanatory materials. For any queries, please call the 96900 Customer Service Hotline. In September, the auction deposit was still 2,000 yuan, and the auction floor price also remained at 10,000 yuan.


The difficulty of taking cards will increase month by month

The above-mentioned published data show that in September there were 94,285 active license plate applications, compared with 14,595 total license plates for the month. It can be concluded that the total winning rate of license plate applications for this month was 6.71 compared with the overall winning rate of 5.81 for the first Yaohao and auction in August. . The reason for this result was that the license plate application time in September was 31 days from August 9 to September 8, which was nearly 4 times larger than the 8 days in August, plus the number of applicants who did not win in August. It also applied for September applications. Therefore, the total number of license plate applications in September was nearly 60% higher than in August. However, the number of license plates in September was only 40% higher than in August. According to the results announced previously, on September 25, 8045 pieces of auction will be distributed. On September 26th, 6650 shims were allocated to a total of 14,595 license plates, 3,688 more than in August.

Because each month's unsigned application will automatically roll into the next application pool, this means that the total number of license plates for each month will increase, and the total number of license plates allocated each month will not change much. Therefore, the rate of winning each month will become lower and lower in the future, which means that it is more and more difficult for Guangzhou citizens to get the license plate.

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