Safe driving explosion-proof cars, these issues are worth noting

Safe driving explosion-proof cars, these issues are worth noting

Explosion-proof vehicles have a special working environment compared to other vehicles. Because it exists in its surroundings at all times that there are objects that are flammable or contain explosive components. Therefore, no problem can occur during the operation of the explosion-proof vehicle. The following Xiaobian summed up several points for everyone to pay attention to when using riot vehicles.

Check lubricant

High temperatures can cause physical changes in explosion-proof car parts and additives, so attention should be paid to the special circumstances that result. When the lubricating oil is under continuous high temperature, its oxidation resistance will be weakened, which will directly lead to the deterioration of the lubricating oil, resulting in a reduced lubricating effect. When encountering this kind of situation, first must replace the lubricating oil suitable for the hot weather, in addition must usually pay attention to inspects the lubricating oil quantity and the color shade, may compare with the unused lubricating oil, if has the exception, should promptly replace.


Coolant should be sufficient

High temperatures can also cause parts of explosion-proof vehicles to swell and deform, which will increase the wear and tear on parts of the car body. Those who drive for long periods of time should always check the water tank table and pay attention to whether the water tank is short of water. Pay attention to the number of water temperature meters. The water in the water tank will easily boil at high temperatures, causing greater damage to the engine.

If you find that the water tank gauge index exceeds the standard, you should immediately stop the car in a cool place to cool down. Do not turn off the engine immediately after parking. Allow the engine to idle for a while first. If the water temperature does not drop down, the vehicle should be turned off and the coolant in the engine checked. But be careful not to open the tank lid immediately, otherwise it will be easily burned by steam.

Lower tire pressure to prevent explosion

The high temperatures in midsummer increase the chance of tire punctures, especially tires with poor quality or high tire pressure, and tire inflation will cause punctures. To this end, some measures should be taken. First of all, we must always pay attention to the appearance of abnormal explosion-proof car tires. If there is a barometer, you can test whether the tire pressure is normal. At the same time, it is recommended to reduce the tire pressure by 10%. Always start, turn and brake as often as possible. After driving at high speed for a long time, the tire should be allowed to cool in time and return to normal temperature. But remember that you cannot cool down with cold water, let the tire cool naturally. When encountering bumpy roads, lower the speed.

If a puncture occurs during driving, the driver applies the hand tightly to control the steering wheel and slowly brakes to make the vehicle decelerate and stop. Do not slam the brakes, because it can easily lead to flicking or even rollover. In addition, the explosion-proof vehicle owners must pay attention to the maintenance of the tires this season. If damage is found, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

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