Yuchai high-quality electronically controlled natural gas engine assembly bus (Figure)

Yuchai high-quality electronically controlled natural gas engine assembly bus (Figure)

Acquisition of Yuchai Electronically Controlled Natural Gas Engine Bus Purchased by Xianyang Public Transport Corporation

Yuchai service personnel are checking

On June 1, 2008, the fourth branch of the Xianyang Public Transportation Corporation purchased 20 JS6118HDi buses equipped with Yaxing C&W YC6G230N-20 electronically controlled natural gas engines, which are scheduled to be put into operation on June 12.

Shaanxi Branch Manager Yuan Fengxiu informed the service station immediately after learning of the news, demanding that spare parts be prepared as soon as possible, be ready for resident service, and formulate a detailed service plan.

According to the departure time of the bus company, the service station stipulates that all inspections must be completed before 6:00 a.m. to ensure normal operation of the vehicle at 6:20. At 5 o'clock on the morning of June 12, the sky was thundering and heavy rain poured down. Manager Yuan took the rain to lead the service personnel and began the inspection work on the first day. Everyone did not bring rain gear, but no one wanted to hide the rain. They carefully examined every vehicle and every engine, and made every effort to ensure that they could operate normally without any mistakes. At 6:20 PM, after checking 20 vehicles as planned, watching them happily ran out of the bus company's gate, everyone smiled with joy. At this time, the weather was fine, but everyone did not attend the rest and followed the car to the 59th terminal “Xianyang Railway Station”. The service personnel stood under the scorching sun and suffered a high temperature of 38 degrees. They asked the driver one by one: "Is there a fault in the machine? How does it feel?" Sometimes it is also necessary to check with the car or cooperate with the OEM. These inspections do not affect the operation. Wait until the evening at 9:30 to close the car and do it again. Service personnel often work until 11:30 in the evening to rest.

After 35 days of intense and arduous resident service, the service work has achieved satisfactory results. The time-to-failure rate of troubleshooting has reached 100%, and Yuchai Engine has not experienced any failure that may affect the operation of the vehicle.

Yuchai has won the trust of customers and the praise of customers and drivers with first-class service quality. Users all say: Yuchai machines are good and service is first-rate! The service personnel of the host plant and the supporting plant also expressed their admiration for Yuchai's products and services. All these laid the foundation for the opening of the northwest market for Yuchai's electronically controlled natural gas engines and electronically controlled diesel engines.

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