Valves related to the application and attachment selection

Valves related to the application and attachment selection

Valve Positioner The valve positioner is the main attachment of the pneumatic actuator, which is used with the pneumatic actuator to improve the position accuracy of the valve to overcome the influence of stem friction and media imbalance force, so as to ensure that the valve according to the regulator Signal to achieve the correct positioning. In the following cases, with the positioner: 1, the medium pressure is high, when the pressure is large; 2, when the control valve diameter (DN> 100); 3, high temperature or low temperature control valve; 4, When the operating speed; 5, with standard signals, non-standard spring actuator (20 ~ 100KPa outside the spring range); 6, for the split-phase control; 7, the valve to achieve the reverse action And the gas open to each other conversion); 8, the need to change the flow characteristics of the valve (you can change the locator cam); 9, no spring actuator or piston actuator, to achieve the proportion of action; Body, must be power distribution - gas valve positioner. Solenoid valve When the system needs to achieve program control or two-position control, it needs to be equipped with a solenoid valve. Selection of solenoid valve, in addition to account to pay, DC power supply and voltage and frequency, we must pay attention to the relationship between the solenoid valve and regulating valve type can be used with "normally open type" or "normally closed type." If it is required to increase the capacity of the solenoid valve to shorten the operation time, two solenoid valves can be used in parallel or the solenoid valve can be used in combination with a large capacity pneumatic relay as a pilot valve. I plant production control valve is usually used with the electromagnetic valve factory in Dandong supporting the use of. Dandong solenoid valve factory to introduce Germany's HERION advanced solenoid valve technology has been made. One direct-acting two three-way single solenoid valve (including explosion-proof); A101ED-SB024000 series (specifications: 3,5,8,10,12,15,20,25,40,50 mm) Five) Single solenoid valve A102ED-SF025000 series (specifications: 5,8,12,15,20,25 mm). Direct acting advantages: 1. The working medium can work from 0MPa; 2. Can be installed for use; 3. The working medium for water, gas, oil; 4. Action sensitive, reliable performance; 5. Low power, long life, High frequency of action; 6. Explosion-proof head by increased installation and explosion-proof combination of user-friendly wiring. Pilot-type two three-way single-control, dual-control solenoid valve P411EI-WFM80200 series (Specifications: 6,12 mm); two five-way single-control, dual solenoid valve P413EI-WFM2630 series ). Selection of technical parameters, please see Dandong solenoid valve factory product samples. Pneumatic Relays Pneumatic Relays are a type of power amplifier that delivers air pressure signals to distant locations and eliminates hysteresis due to signal pipe extensions and is used primarily between field transmitters and regulating instruments in the central control room, Or between the regulator and the on-site regulating valve, there is also a role is to enlarge or reduce the signal. Converter converter is divided into gas - electric converter and electric - gas converter, its function is to achieve a certain relationship between gas and electric signals to convert each other, mainly used in electric signal manipulation pneumatic actuator will be 0 ~ 10mA or 4 ~ 20mA electrical signal conversion or 0 ~ 100KPa gas signal into 0 ~ 10mA or 4 ~ 20mA electrical signal. Air filter pressure reducing valve Air filter pressure reducing valve is an industrial automation instrument in the annex, its main function is to filter compressed air from the compressor to purify and pressure to stabilize the required value, can be used for various types Pneumatic instruments, solenoid valves, cylinders, spraying equipment and small pneumatic tools for air supply and regulator devices. Self-locking valve (retention valve) Self-locking valve is to maintain the valve position of a device. Pneumatic control valve When the gas source failure, the device can cut off the gas source, the membrane chamber or cylinder pressure signal to maintain the state in the moment before failure, so that the valve position is maintained at the position before the failure, from To protect the bit effect. Valve position transmitter When the control valve away from the control room in order to less than the scene can accurately understand the valve switch position, it is necessary to equip the valve position transmitter, the valve opening of the body displacement, according to certain laws into electrical signals sent Control room, this signal can be a continuous signal reflecting any opening of the valve, but also can be considered as the reverse action of the valve positioner. Stroke switch (Return) stroke switch reflects the valve switch two extreme positions, and at the same time send instructions signal device, the control room can be based on this signal, rebellion switch the state of the valve in order to take appropriate measures.

Hydraulic Notching Machine for Angles

This machine is used for notching corner of angle steel in the tower industry.

This machine is used specially for cutting down angle bars in certain angle as wanted, it can also punch and mark with suitable dies.

Times of stroke(times/minute) 20~25 15~20

Maximum Angle bar size(mm) 140x140x12 200x200x20

Notching Machine

Metal Notcher,Angle Notching Machine,Cnc Notching Machine,Angle Cutting And Punching Machine

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