Space robot's first "wing arm" space station

Space robot's first "wing arm" space station

According to the astronauts of the Xinhua News Agency International Space Station on the 16th, the space robot Dextre first "wabbed" the newly installed robotic arm and passed the inspection. On the evening of the 17th, astronauts on the International Space Station will conduct spacewalks again and install more components for Dextre.

The Associated Press said on the 17th that the Dextre dual-arm robot designed by the Canadian Space Agency passed the inspection of the brake device under the control of the astronauts. There was only a small deviation between the brake device at the left arm and the wrist. However, experts do not care about this. Pierre Jean, manager of the Canadian Space Station, said that in the long run, this will not have a huge impact on Dextre. Astronauts Richard Linahan and Robert Benken will take a space walk on the evening of the 17th to install kits and other components for Dextre. These accessories make it easy for astronauts to repair the space station later.

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