Professional Sklb Swing Cooler for Pellet Feed

Professional Sklb Swing Cooler for Pellet Feed

Model NO.: SKLB2.5
Power: 0.75+1.1kw
Capacity: 5t/H
Advantage: Low Breakage Rate
Trademark: FDSP
Transport Package: Iron Pallet with Soft Guard
Specification: CE, ISO9001, SGS
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HS Code: 8474801000
Introduction for SKLB Series Swing cooler
FDSP SKLB Series Sewing Cooler is Suitably used for cooling granular feed, especially the extruded pellets.
Features of SKLB Series swing cooler:
1. Adopt counter-flow cooling principle,pellet cooled fully and equally.
2. Special rotation homogenizing mechanism,materials distributed more equally and cooled more completely.
3. Use hydraulic system controls swing skid-plate discharging mechanism,discharging feed equally and fluently, the speed of discharging can be adjustable.
4. Suitable for bulk,lump,flake,pellet and many kinds of materials cooling,especially for big volume materials cooling for expanded feed and extruded feed.
5. Octagonal cooling bin, eliminating death corner.
6. Little maintenance required and low energy cost.
Specifications of SKLB Series Sewing cooler:
Type Model Power(Kw) Capacity(t/h)
Swing cooler

SKLB1.5 0.55+0.75 3
SKLB2.5 0.75+1.1 5
SKLB4 1.1+1.5 10
SKLB6 1.1+1.5 15
SKLB8 1.5+1.5 20
SKLB10 0.55+1.5×2 25
SKLB12 0.75+1.5×2 30
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