Ma On Shan parking guidance system parking management system works

Ma On Shan parking guidance system parking management system works

The general parking lot parking guidance system is divided into ultrasonic parking guidance system and video parking guidance system according to the technology. For the management personnel of the parking lot, the working principle of the parking parking guidance system must be familiar with, so as to facilitate the selection of the brand of the parking lot system.
Ultrasonic parking guidance system is installed on the parking lot of the parking lot to detect the status of parking spaces in real time. On the one hand, the status of the detected parking spaces is visualized through the parking space indicator. On the other hand, the occupancy status information of the parking spaces is directly transmitted to the parking spaces. The boot screen will release guide information to the owner to help the user get to the seat at the earliest possible time, thereby effectively improving the parking lot throughput and parking space utilization rate, providing the car owner with a comfortable parking experience, thereby attracting people, gathering popularity, and giving you Business operations bring business opportunities.
When the owner of the vehicle enters his or her car's license plate number in the reverse car-finding terminal or smart phone, the reverse car-finding terminal or smart phone automatically retrieves the server data and draws an optimal electronic map of the car owner's current location to the location of the car. According to the electronic map provided by the system, the car owner can find out where the car is parked. The full-video parking guidance system is to install the intelligent parking space video detection terminal in front of the parking lot of the parking lot to process the video information of the parking space in real time and detect the state of the parking space. When the smart parking space video detection terminal detects the vehicle, it automatically recognizes the license plate number, and directly transmits the parking space occupancy status to the parking space guidance screen, which is used to issue guidance instructions to the vehicle owner. At the same time, the license plate number and the parking space image are transmitted to the data server for storage. And apply to reverse car search.

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