Beijing partners noticed that 9 bus lines in Beijing will be optimized

Beijing partners noticed that 9 bus lines in Beijing will be optimized

From March 27th, nine bus lines in Beijing will be optimized and adjusted. Among them: adjust the line to 5, cancel the line 2, and extend the business hours of 501 Road, 991 Road, we hurry to carry out specific adjustments! Avoid affecting your own travel arrangements.

First, adjust the trend

1. Adjust the special 102 way.

Hours of operation: 5:30-22:30 at Longze Subway Station, 5:50-22:30 East Gate East Village.

Increase the bus service coverage of Tianluyuan and Baijiacheng districts, increase the coverage of the No. 8 line of the feeder subway and the 1km bus line of Yuzhi North Road and Yuzhi East Road to facilitate the residents of Huilongguan area to connect with Line 8 and 13 of the subway. line. Alternative route: Route 307.

2. Adjust the 395 road.

Opening hours: Fuxingmennan 5:30-22:00, Fufengqiao West 5:30-21:00.

Due to the fact that the conditions of the bus station at the south exit of the East Main Street could not meet the operational requirements, it was extended to the Fufeng Bridge West station to facilitate the travel of passengers along the route.

3. Adjust the 972 road.

Business hours: Increase production road 5:10-20:30, eight major offices 6:00-21:30.

Due to the dismantling of the Donghua Road bus station and the roadside control room, the company did not have the operational production conditions, and adjusted the route to the adjacent production-increasing road bus station. At the same time, it increased the coverage of the 0.4 km bus line network of the Mine Construction Street.

4. Adjust the 976 road.

Business hours: Shenglinyuan bus station 5:00-19:30, Dabei Yaonan 6:40-21:30.

Reduce the repeated routes of Jianguo Road and West Dawang Road to improve the operation quality of the main section of the line. Alternative route: 421 road.

5. Adjust the 913 road.

Business hours: Shaying Bus Station 5:20-22:00, Metro Wangjing Station 6:00-22:30.

Withdrawing from the congested road section in the urban area, improve the operation quality and service capacity of the main passenger flow section in the north section of the line, and facilitate passengers on the route to the Guangying North Road to transfer to Metro Lines 14 and 15. Alternative routes: 311, 594.

Second, cancel the line

1. Revocation of 31 roads. Alternative line: Special 102 way.

2. Revoke 912 road. Alternative routes: 840 and 395.

Third, extend business hours

1.501 road. Adjusted business hours: 6:00-22:15, Caoqiao, Nanchang Airport, 5:15-21:30.

2.991 road. Adjusted business hours: Sunhe Bus Station 5:00-20:00, Youth Junction 6:10-21:30.

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