Vigorously promote the spirit of artisans to provide strong support for the upgrade of China's agricultural machinery

Vigorously promote the spirit of artisans to provide strong support for the upgrade of China's agricultural machinery

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] During the two sessions in 2017, the Prime Minister pointed out in the government work report that "the soul of quality is ingenuity. It is necessary to vigorously promote the spirit of artisans, plant the culture of artisans, fulfill professional ethics, admire excellence, and cultivate many 'Chinese artisans', to create more world-renowned 'Chinese brands', to promote China's economic development into the quality era."

Vigorously promote the spirit of artisans to provide strong support for the upgrade of China's agricultural machinery
After listening to the government work report, Wang Jinfu, deputy of the National People's Congress and vice president of Zoomlion, said that building a strong manufacturing country in China is the historical mission of the equipment manufacturing enterprises. The craftsman spirit must have ideas and attitudes, but must have the ability and results. The agricultural machinery industry must stand in the perspective of serving agriculture, integrate with the development of agricultural modernization, promote the integration of wit integration and machine technology, and support the development of China's agricultural modernization.
"Under the new normal industry conditions in China, enterprises that pursue short-term investment, short cycle, quick effect and neglect product quality will not have long-term development. Only based on the current, long-term focus, innovation-driven, core technology Enterprises have long-term development opportunities." Wang Jinfu said.
In today's global competition, price competition is no longer the mainstream. Wang Jinfu said that in the process of transformation and upgrading of the mechanical equipment industry, Zoomlion has vigorously promoted the spirit of craftsmen, and let the team of employees "practice internal strength, make a living" and work together to create quality products. We clarify the direction of product creation, and continue to increase investment in science and technology innovation in accordance with the overall thinking of adjusting structure, complementing shortcomings, and improving the competitiveness of the industry. At present, the series of products such as PL2304 developed by Zoomlion and wheat, rice, corn, silage harvester and Guwang dryer have continued to grow in the adjustment of China's agricultural machinery industry.
At present, China's agricultural mechanization transformation and upgrading has entered a critical period. We should carry forward and adhere to the spirit of “excellence, rigor, patience, dedication, professionalism and dedication” to provide a strong support for the upgrade of China's agricultural machinery.

(Original title: Using the "artisan spirit" to build an upgraded version of agricultural machinery)

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