The correct external body cleaning method for a residential vehicle

The correct external body cleaning method for a residential vehicle

The cleaning work for residential vehicles may be considered relatively simple and easy. When correcting the exterior of the Eight Classics, it is still necessary to pay attention to some details. Cleaning the body is not a casual matter. The correct cleaning method can protect the appearance of a residential vehicle. Acidic substances contained in the bird's excrement can damage the painted surface of the resident's car. Corruption of the fallen leaves in the body can also affect the lacquer finish of the occupant. Excessive accumulation of gravel and dust will also affect the vehicle. The paint has a great influence. Therefore, it must be carried out using the correct external cleaning method for residential vehicles. Before you clean your vehicle, don't park your car under the sun. Be sure to park it in some shade or shade. After you feel that the body is cold, wash it. Remember that you must not use cleaning agents that contain corrosive and acidic chemicals.


1. First, use the clean water to thoroughly flush the body of the inhabited vehicle. Clean the dust attached to it first.

2. After filling the water with a clean bucket, mix the neutral vehicle cleaner with it.

3, use a soft cloth or sponge, soft brush wet the water in the bucket from top to bottom repeatedly washing the body of the car.

4, in the cleaning process must pay attention to whether there is bird droppings or corrosion of leaves, first of all to clean these dirt, rinse with clean water, so as not to affect the body gloss of residential vehicles.

5. After the entire body of the RV is cleaned, dry it with a clean, soft towel. Do not let it dry naturally, otherwise it will cause the paint surface gloss loss and leave behind water stains.

6. Be careful when cleaning the vehicle. Do not use cleaners or chemical solvents that have a large cleaning power, because these will cause great impact on the plastic parts of the RV, especially the metal. Impact.

7. After the cleaning work is completed, and the body is completely dry, waxing work can be done for the inhabited vehicles. This can prevent the body from forming water. When waxing, good quality paste wax or liquid wax should be used to make the water in the car body directly form water droplets or water droplets.

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